Tuesday, November 06, 2012

New York, Oakland, Baltimore, Texas, Tampa Bay & the California Angels, six American League teams with more 2012 regular season wins than the Detroit Tigers. Congratulations Bud Selig you must be very proud of your product, given your mental state I'm quite sure you scoop it out of the toilet and stare at it in mason jars when you're not busy pissing on history books. 5 A.L. teams qualified for the 2012 post-season tournament, 9 did not. The team with the 7th most wins - Detroit - would be the A.L. representative to the World Series not that anybody was watching, who would? Thanks to Bud's other dark legacy, the unbalanced schedule, I didn't need another Tiger game after sitting through 18 with Minnesota. Let's see  - they can't play defense -they're too slow to get to the ball in the infield gaps even if they could pick it - the outfield can't deliver an accurate throw not that the corner outfielders would be in position to make a play anyway (Austin Jackson can go get it unless the World Series winning run is on 2nd with 2 out in which case he pulls up short)  - they're unable to play small ball in tight games when getting down a bunt in the 8th or 9th inning is critical and who could possibly trust their bullpen....nice formula Jim Leyland it got you a 10 -8 record against the 4th worst Twins team in franchise history. It didn't fare that well against anyone else either but hey squeak out the season series versus Minnesota, hold your own through 54 more games with Cleveland, Kansas City & Chicago and come September you too could be hovering slightly above .500 a fine perch from which to stake your claim to 7th place then begin an October assault upon the World Series.