Sunday, March 04, 2007

Back in the fire we go. Why? Because that is the path most often chosen. Ron Gardenhire takes a different path & splits from the whole F'n program every October. The latest postseason installment saw the A's break out the broom for an easy sweep of the Twins & when the dust cleared manager Ken Macha was fired and Gardenhire retained. When did justice become a 4 letter word? August 1? September 1? Damn the ominous trade deadlines bringing us Rick Reed, Pat Borders, and most recently Phil Nevin who jumped off my milk carton into the heart of the Twins batting order given a game 1 start at DH after which he soon reappeared in my refrigerator. 2 games later - backs against the wall - Brad Radke starts game 3 & can last only 4 innings. The Twins trailing by a few runs in an elimination game in theory would be looking for a proven reliever. Rincon? Crain? Neshek? Reyes? How about September call up Glen Perkins a FUTURE projected STARTER. The rookie is summoned from the bullpen having been with the team long enough to claim 1 impressive regular season outing. A couple of pitches later A's are on 3rd and 2nd base and nobody is out. Yo Ron ! Elimination game ! Gardenhire staggers out of the dugout NOW deciding to go to baseball's best bullpen........ Denny Green was bbq'ed in this town for going 4 - 8 in the postseason. Ron Gardenhire has sunk to depths Denny dared not dream, 6 - 15, yet he is what Minnesota Nice wants living next door so lets come to a compromise which keeps him on the payroll. Tom Kelly, Paul Molitor, or Gary Gaetti can manage the team and Gardenhire can wear the T.C. costume scampering out to right field with a giant inflatable baseball which he rolls into 10 enormous inflatable bats. 1 frame between each inning his last toss coming after the game would no doubt thin out the traffic jam by keeping some fans in the stands dazed in anticipation that T.C. might bowl a final score that matches a number on their bingo card.