Sunday, September 26, 2010

Faithless reader: as of September 22, 2010 I no longer publicly endorse the firing of Ron Gardenhire. Perhaps I've made the transition to lapdog like so many others but maybe it was the work of the 2010 Minnesota Twins a scrappy bunch capable of anything even driving excess hate from my heart then carving out a spot in whats left of it right next to the 2002 squad still my personal favorite just one or two stratego moves from taking over the world but there I go again living in the past - whether it be 2002 or 2009 when two of the three ALDS games versus New York were decided by base running mistakes (Gomez game 2 Punto game 3) mistakes well-managed little league world series teams never make - when I should be basking in that which lies before us a postseason future yet untold bound to be brighter now that I've learned to accept not only our manager (even when we have a runner on 2nd base with nobody out and fail to score a league-wide epidemic I cant hold Gardy solely accountable for) but the universal truth that things could indeed be far worse.... Mike Hargrove comes to mind.

* the preceding statement should not in any shape, manner or form be construed as approval of Gardenhire's choice for 3rd base coach who has the baseball instincts of a squirrel.