Sunday, June 17, 2007

Section A- International Death Toll
Section B- Local Death Toll
Section C- movie reviewers ( a fate worse than death )
Drained by the soul shattering experience that is the daily newspaper I arrive at the sports section searching for a reason to continue or cancel my subscription. I owe the sales dept. a phone call considering they harass me at all hours dumbfounded that i wont accept their generous offer to drop a sunday stack of shit on my doorstep for only one extra dollar a week. Rudely hang up before u hear the sales pitch, they see politeness as a weakness to exploit. Do i need a forest of editorials, tv guides and advertisements? I've already been schooled - Economics 101 - Sell sex to manufacture diapers. They want us all wearing 'em they need regular customers. My subscription mercifully comes to an end but not before Twins manager Ron Gardenhire could weigh in on the horrifying reality of having to witness Barry Bonds surpass Henry Aaron. As you know, beat writers like to stick things in the manager's face & got the following Gardenhire quote (pioneer press 6/10/07) which had me hunting for a pair of huggies - " I haven't seen one person prove this guy is guilty of anything....Nobody can prove he's guilty, so I'm excited to watch him do this."