Sunday, February 03, 2008

Ron Gardenhire cant stop polishing his bowling ball and I fear he may need an intervention. Gardy's employer, the MLB franchise from Minnesota, spent the weekend hosting 30,000 fans at Twins Fest 2008 showcasing the future stadium and selling season tickets. 32 players from the 40 man roster were also in attendance signing autographs and more importantly Justin Morneau punctuated the party signing a long term contract extension. Noticeably absent from the team event scheduled months ago was manager Gardenhire who had a rare chance to compete in a bowling tournament. While he was blowing on his hand I was driving St. Paul to Minneapolis dodging murderous minivans & massive potholes cheating death and destruction hoping to materialize at the Metrodome. Nearing my final exit I surveyed an escape from the interstate but signaling a lane change being a remnant of the 20th century I instead changed signals on the A.M. dial leaving 1500 (the radio home of the Twins broadcasting live from the dome) and tuned in 830 (former home of the Twins & current ratings rival) just in time to hear Ron Gardenhire call in & report that he had no expectations of winning the bowling tournament but would be excited to finish in the top 30. Hell Gardy think top ten you might qualify for nationals or even end up on the tour hitting the road never coming back. Far away from Minnesota you could manage slow pitch softball teams & solve crimes in your spare time - you'll be much happier and so will I.