Saturday, May 31, 2008

The man who presided over a World Series cancellation accomplishing what W.W. I, W.W. II, & W.W. Pi couldn't - The man who implemented the unbalanced schedule allowing Yankees & Red Sox to do what they do best - play with each other - a sordid affair which spirals into a three-way with ESPN lasting four hours a night as both teams take close pitches and are inexplicably rewarded for it - The man who targeted the 2001 Twins for contraction a 85 win team fresh off pennant contention the franchise & its prized farm system to be carved up and auctioned off to the usual suspects - The man who took the quick buck provided by interleague play turning his back on a century of tradition tarnishing any mystique held by the All-Star Game and World Series - And just today that man Commissioner Selig tossed another history book on the fire ushering in the instant replay era which I believe begins with experimentation on some remote island before Bud inevitably brings it ashore releasing his newest mutation into an unsuspecting public to busy circling the drain to notice.