Friday, July 06, 2007

Spare me your lectures on the Yankees and their economic advantage over the Twins - The advantage lies in the dugout. For those of you who continue to ignore the mental state of Ron Gardenhire consider the following : During Tom Kelly's last 3 seasons as manager (1999-2001) the Twins averaged around 70 wins per season but had a 7 - 6 record at Yankee Stadium beating Yankee teams that will win the World Series. 2002 - Gardenhire is hired by default. Right about this time the Yankees stop winning championships en route to the nursing home while our developing Twins start stockpiling division titles. Advantage Twins right? Wrong - as in 3 - 19 wrong, that being Gardenhire's up to date regular season record at Yankee Stadium. Devil Rays and Royals dick around and take 2 of 3 from New York on a regular basis but Twins fans get the painful experience of urgently waiting to use the stadium bathroom stuck in line behind Ron Gardenhire only to see our manager slink away from the trough disappointed. Thats right, the man has stage fright. I repeat 3 - 19 at Yankee Stadium. Want a bigger stage? Gardenhire's post-season record is 6 - 15 and save me from your cards and letters to go easy on Gardy because quote "The Twins have ran into some good teams in the playoffs." Just what kind of teams were you expecting to play in October?