Monday, August 01, 2005

Terry Tiffee hits 4th in the batting order and the Red Sox cleanup. In a game the Twins had to win to stay viable in the race for the last playoff spot, Ron Gardenhire took a .200 hitter with 3 career major league home runs and roughly 100 career major league at-bats and had him hit cleanup. As fate would have it, Tiffee twice came to the plate with the bases loaded and naturally he was unable to keep Gardenhire from looking foolish (this same clown dropped Stewart from the leadoff spot and watched our new #1 hitters go a combined 0 for 32 before realizing he made a mistake). The worst part of his decision to bat Tiffee 4th is that Joe Mauer certainly aint gonna see a whole lot of good pitches batting 3rd so Gardy not only takes one of our least feared hitters and bats him cleanup but he takes the bat out of the hands of our best hitter. To add insult to injury Gardenhire said to the Star Trib after the game "We have the right guys up there.....when are we going to drive in a run?" (as always quick to blame the players never himself or his coaches...i.e. Gardenhire laughing in the dugout in New York Wednesday after a terrible decision by Ullger to send Boone...and Newman's equally poor decision Sunday to hold up our fastest runner Nick Punto who represented the go ahead run). I guess coaching mistakes amuse Gardy and he's deadly serious when players mess up (assuming the failure to move runners over is the fault of the player). Manufacturing runs has been in steady decline since "players manager"- "good guy" Gardy took over for that unfriendly old stickler Tom Kelly who wasted time schooling the players on the fundamentals of situational hitting. Under Gardy's leadership the players can now feel comfortable around their manager. So what if they can only turn 10 hits and 5 walks into 1 run.