Friday, July 22, 2005

I'll be damned....The Twins finally bust loose with the offense yall have been expecting all year naturally Ron Gardenhire was nowhere near the dugout on this momentous occasion (serving a 1 game suspension)....can we banish Gardenhire to the press box for the rest of the season if for no other reason than to prevent him from batting Lecroy 4th or even worse playing him at 1st base....We wont see Lecroy at 1st ever again you say? Oh yeah? rumors are circulating that he might send Justin Morneau down - We are soon heading to Yankee Stadium and Fenway Park, both built for left handed power hitters and Gardy is seriously considering getting rid of our only legitimate left handed bomber (incidentally one of my alltime favorite Gardenhire memories occured during Morneau's first season in the bigs when he damaged the Miller Park scoreboard with a vicious homerun and Gardy sent him back to the minors a few days later apparently not interested in helping out a franchise which hasnt had a 30 homer guy for almost 2 decades) please tell me he's just trying to light a fire under Morneau but the last time he pissed away a left handed power source it was someone named David Ortiz and he rationalized it by saying he had to get this kid Lecroy some at-bats.....Ok enough with the Matt Lecroy bashing (after all he single handedly buried the myth that white guys couldnt dance...dont believe me ? check out the Twins locker room pennant clinching celebrations 2002-2004) because while we are busy talking about how Yankee Stadium is built for lefties it reminds me of how Gardy buzz killed the 2003 post season against the bronx bombers and their arsenal of left handed hitters. Gardenhire, still feeling guilty about leaving Kyle Lohse out of the 2002 post season rotation(although he didnt see any problem with scheduling Rick Reed to pitch game 2 and a potential game 6 against the Angels in the ALCS) , commits himself to a 3 man rotation versus the Yankees of Radke (R) Santana (L) and Lohse (R) while leaving Kenny Rogers(L) and Eric Milton(L) on the bench....Good Lord did the man soak up anything from sitting next to Tom Kelly for a decade? T.K. set up opposing managers like a chess master while Gardenhire was apparently busy in the corner of the dugout playing with his pawn !