Monday, July 18, 2005

Desperation has set desperate ? Gardy has decided to start playing his "hunches" again. Rearranging his lineup on a daily basis spittin seeds at the dugout wall in a feeble effort to see what sticks as we sink closer to .500. Gardy and his "hunches"! Flashback postseason 2002 - Bobby Kielty and Dustan Mohr both solid defensively and who have platooned the entire season in right field are benched in favor of rookie infielder Michael Cuddyer (a shortstop and 3rd baseman his entire life until 2002) Reminder - the Twins did not get to the playoffs with great pitching or offense, they did it with defense. Game 2 ALCS - "MLB pitcher" Rick Reed (does a scab receive union benefits once retired?) is serving up his usual 5 + innings of batting practice and cant get the help he so sorely needs when our rookie infielder playing right hesitates on a flyball (not that Cuddyer can be blamed for the Metrodome's dim backdrop and filthy white roof which can temporarily paralyze anyone but the fact is Kielty and Mohr had dealt with it all season until Gardenhire decided his right fielder of the future needed to be baptized in October rather than the following April) letting it drop in front of him allowing the Angels to score critical runs helping them to tie the series and steal home field advantage from the Twins. Meanwhile Bobby Kielty sits on the bench reminiscing about his back to back game winning homeruns against the blacksox on the eve of the postseason while Dustan Mohr ponders all his extra base robbing sliding catches and both come to the same conclusion that Tom Kelly's decision to retire will haunt this franchise when it looks back on what it could have had!