Friday, March 11, 2011

Enjoy 2011 while it lasts Smilin' Bud Selig has all but decreed that this will be the last season of the initial wild card era - we hardly knew thy first bastard - as he remains both living & dead set on ushering in the wild card expansion era yet another pestilence scheduled to arrive in 2012. "Two more teams would give us 10 and 10 out of 30 I still think is a rational mix" (said the man who unleashed the unbalanced schedule). Rational how Commissioner? "It's more fair than 8" offered up Bud declining to cite a fact or figure from the encyclopedia of baseball in defense of his rationality preferring we rely on his well-honed instincts toward fairness which no doubt tell him a fair amount of cash was left on the table in 2010 when the Boston Red Sox were the odd team out....yep another blog another conspiracy theory....what have i become? Perhaps I should apologize to the office of the commissioner (a position which pays around $18 million per year) after all no sordid pattern exists where Bud Selig performed favors for John Henry under the table in the past he's simply a public servant selflessly erasing baseball's traditional inequity in order to give the people what they want - indeed enough already with this Rangers Devil Rays shit we need Red Sox-Yankees and we need it every October those blocks of domestic & international ad time aren't going to sell themselves.