Monday, October 18, 2010

Rather than delete my previous post in which I foreswore my desire to see Ron Gardenhire terminated I leave it up as a reminder of my weakness wrought from one to many starry Target Field nights awash in cold beer, fresh air, polish sausage w/onions and the greenest of green grass opiates powerful enough to sway me to actually put in print that I had learned to accept Gardenhire a mistake for which I apologize to my friends, my family, my God and most importantly the 10% of Twins fans who would still want Gardy fired after a world series appearance - its that ten percent I let down and believe me after examining Gardenhire's body language during the 2010 ALDS it will never happen again as I've been permanently scarred by his catatonic game 3 performance burying his hang-dog head into his hands folded on the dugout rail spending the last hour of an elimination game inviting viewers to feel sorry for the predicament in which he found himself that of a field-manager presiding over his 12th straight playoff loss a gutless display for which he will be rewarded with a contract extension enabling him to set a 2011 bar so low that the 90% will be pacified by just one postseason win.